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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Up Up and Away

Up up and away. No mercy. On top of the income tax, road tax, various licences fee, GST and what not you already paid. Pitty you and me.

What to do? If you make too much noises then some smart menteris will ask you to go fly kite in other country.

Price go up will never go down one or shall we say very tough to go down again. That is expected. Make me wonder why cost of living nowadays in our country nationwide so high?

It is no longer people friendly. My friend a police officer the other day told me, "Memang terasa sekarang, dulu saya bayar tol RM1.40 tiga kali one way di lebuhraya guthrie ke Shah Alam, sekarang naik jadi RM1.90 ooo."

By the way price hike also announced yesterday for intercity KTM commuter services. Some route increase by more than 100%. Wow.

No more fun time for middle or low income group. Stress all over the place. Pressure cooker waiting to explode. Do we need to blame the government of the day?

To certain extent I think so. Malaysia used to be rich and famous. Some how I think mismanagement, greedy, corruption, and the color of money ruined them all.

The price of houses is really high nowadays such that the price of RM300k looks rather cheap.

I still remember a few years back ikan kembong cost RM6/kg but now I noticed the other day at Kedai Asmart the price tag of RM15/kg.

This morning my friend and me went for breakfast. I feel like having nasi belauk so we go to this stall at sri gombak call Kedai Kak Wok.

My friend order nasi kerabu and teh O while I go for nasi belauk and teh tarik. It cost us RM13.50. About RM7 each for a breakfast. I should skip lunch then.

My daughter who just graduated from UIA and started her working life this month told me LRT fair from Gombak station to KLSentral now cost RM4.20 from RM2.40 previously. How many percent increase is that? What a jump !!

The gap between the rich and the poor is wider like nobody business. They say GST collected about RM39B but BRIM payment allocation is about RM8B only.

Many suffering in silence but yet many still laughing to the bank. Life must go on.

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